About IQ Construction

brett + brandon

Meet the duo that make it all happen.

In 2004, Brandon Logan decided to turn his passion for real estate into his full time job. He started IQ Construction and began investing in real estate. In 2009, he convinced his college roommate, Brett Shelton, to join him in building something bigger. Brandon and Brett have grown their love of the construction industry into one of the premier construction companies in the Kansas City area. As KC residents, they focus on projects within the metro area, and hire only local contractors so that all of the money generated by buying, renovating and remodeling stays in Kansas City.

  • Project Inception

    IQ Construction was born in Brandon's Moms garage. Thanks Miss Logan! Started working on small jobs. IQ Fencing. Flipped first few houses. Purchased eight rentals. Started doing room additions. Made a million mistakes!!!

  • Team Established

    New office. Brett joined IQ! Yay! Continued buying rentals and flipping houses. Started working on basement finishes and larger projects. Started building houses for banks on foreclosed lots. Rental tenant finishes. Did our first commercial tenant finish. Started doing 203k loans for Wells Fargo. Preferred contractor for Sears. Completed first 80k+ project. Still made mistakes but less than a million!

  • Grinding

    More rentals. More flips. More finished basements. Became #1 referred Wells Fargo 203k rehabber in KC. More remodeling. Building more new houses. Projects starting to get larger. Completed first 150k rehab. More basement finishes. Started to work on more restoration projects. First big fire project! 1.5+ million package with NYE Hedgefund. Loving what we do!

  • Bigger Projects!

    60+ flips. 40+ rentals. Purchased 50+ building lots. Building new houses takes off. Over 10 million in construction/renovations. Rebuild insurance total loss fire damage house. Looked amazing when finished! Commercial projects. Basements finishing becomes the top remodel service we offer. We love basements! Completed our first 500k rehab for an awesome customer. Still working with banks to get rid of their unwanted properties. Completed our first multiple property 1031 tax exchange.

  • Still Hustling

    Hopefully still doing what we love and killing it!